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LSR-FEWGLB-CoverYou can now pre-order the new album, For Everybody Who Got Left Behind, on both CD and high-quality audio download. If you can’t wait to get hold of the songs don’t worry, you’ll receive 4 of them for immediate download and the rest following on October 27th. For the CD edition, you will also receive a chance to download 4 of the songs now, with the CD arriving on the release date.


The CD edition comes in a card gatefold sleeve (manufactured at a carbon-neutral facility in the UK), with photography by Luisa West, complete with an 8-page illustrated lyric booklet.

LSR’s Dave: “We’ve always tried hard to create nice sleeves for our releases. In an age of digital downloads, people still love to buy a physical item, something a little bit different to keep hold of. This time Lindsay had the idea of using die-cut illustrations her mum used to collect as a child, still kept safe in the old books she would keep them in, and also covers from antique books my dad collects. The sleeve recreates the kind of poetry book you might have had as a kid to keep the CD in and we’re really pleased with how it’s turned out.”


“As for the music, these are songs we wrote over maybe a year, then took out on the road before coming back and getting the recordings down. If you’ve seen us the last couple of years, it’s mostly different renditions of these songs we’ve been feeling out on stage.
LSR-FEWGLB-BookletWe had some extra help from Christine, Ann and Sarah, (violin, cello and clarinet) which was great fun. Sarah played on the last record and it was so cool to have her back to be a part of this one too. The album deals with everything we all deal with. There’s some history in there (Annie Oakley), traveling (Sitting Out), grieving (For Everybody Who Got Left Behind) and a song that came to me in a dream. I woke up one morning with Echo In The Forest in my head and scrambled to get a demo down. What you hear on the album is pretty much exactly what I heard in the dream. I don’t think we can really take credit for it, but wherever it came from, we thank you!”

Click here to pre-order ‘For Everybody Who Got Left Behind’

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